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about patrick

In 2007 I began to learn and practice Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, and Greg Nardi, and in 2010 I began a year-long, in-depth apprenticeship with them. With encouragement from my mentors I made my first trip to Mysore, India in 2009 to study Ashtanga Yoga at its source with its founders the Jois family. Since then I have returned, and continue to return, regularly to study with R. Sharath Jois, whom I am honored to call my teacher. In 2013 received Mr. Jois's blessing to teach the Ashtanga method with Level 2 Authorization.

Other teachers with whom I continue my education include my Sanskrit teacher Marcia Solomon and my Vedic chanting teacher Lakshmish Bhat. Also, I have studied philosophy with Professor Nagaraja Rao, M.A. Narasimhan and Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Richard Freeman.

Since 2011 I have taught Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga daily, running both evening and morning programs. In 2016, I founded Ashtanga Yoga Phulla in Miami Springs. My mission is to serve others by teaching Ashtanga Yoga as authentically as possible.

about ashtanga yoga

I teach Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson, my teacher, R. Sharath Jois. This system of yoga is accessible and beneficial to all regardless of age, body type, race, religion... you name it. The only requirement is dedication. Patience also helps a great deal. At the core of the practice is control of the breath. Then breath is synchronized with movement as a sequence of postures, or asanas (stress is on the first syllable), is taught. The sequence is memorized and practiced at one's own pace under supervision of the instructor. As the student progresses new postures are taught at the discretion of the instructor. Please be advised that for beginners the practice may be quite short at first but will expand according to one's progress. Ideally, regardless of level, one's practice should last between an hour and a half to an hour and forty five minutes, but this will fluctuate over time.